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Why get a rod rack when I have a Rocket Launcher ?

Posted by Rhys Fell on
Why get a rod rack when I have a Rocket Launcher ? - Gr8nzlife Gr8nzlife

There are always questions that people have before they get there first GR8NZLIFE Rod and Reel Rack. 

Why get a rod rack when I have a Rocket Launcher?

So, if you live close to the beach and only use a couple of rods then you do not .... but not everyone lives next to the beach.

These days with several types of fishing…. soft baiting, Strayline, Bottom fishing, lure fishing, Stick baits and of course Game fishing just to name a few the average boat heads out with a small arsenal of rods and reels all shapes and sizes.

The trip then to the ramp or beach or just getting out to the spot can mean the rods are  thrown into the cabin along with the food, supplies, thirst quenchers and other essentials and from experience this can end up with rod damage, tangles, and general mayhem.


So, the GR8NZLIFE rod rack fitting into the parcel tray keeps your rods locked and loaded from home, along the roads in a vertical position until you get to the ramp and out to the spot. You can then remove and store in the cabin out of the way or leave in situ. You can use it to set up your rigs, you can store landing nets and Gaffs also. 

When you come home sometimes the weather has turned and the GR8 rack keeps your expensive rods and reels out of the weather inside the boat.

Once you are home having completed the reverse to the above you can remove and hang on the extra fitting supplied to wash your equipment clearing all the salt and bait etc...

Once your set ups are dry you can then use the rack to store your rods in the Garage or shed ....


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