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The 7 stack HD Ultimate Rack is Portable, multi-use Rod & Reel Rack. Simply clicks in and out of the boat -.Removeable coaming (parcel tray) rack 

7 Stack HD will is specially designed to fit the boats with the parcel tray and is the HD Larger frame It has Holes at 150mm centres (Hole spaces) so it can fit the larger reels  and witht he new rod lock fitting is perfect for the game set ups.

 Keep all those rods safe and out of the way away from tangles and breakages .

The Std backframe is Suitable for Stabicraft Boats , Mclay Boats, Extreme Boats, Senator Boats ,Kiwikraft ,Bluefin,Scorpion, Ultimate and any other boat with a parcel tray system less than 16mm wide.

We have wide fittings for padded parcel trays too the wide back frame has a 32mm wide back which also makes it suitable for boats with a square or Channel Parcel tray like Surtees boats ,Black dog , Ray glass boats, Buccaneer boats to name just a few.

There is nothing else like…NZ Made -Powder coated Hold 7 STD rods. Will fit most Boats with parcel racks or use as a fixed rack inside the garage or on a fence. It’s the most versatile rod & reel rack around

The Videos show the 10 stack but the 7 is similar see the Features and Benefits Page for more info...

 Specifications & further info:

Dimensions: The 7 stack is approx. 1m long x 180mm depth with a 20mm deep insert that fits over an 16mm thick side pocket up-stand inside a boat. If you need a bigger pocket let us know as we can make larger sections to order for a small additional cost.

Please view the photos thoroughly before purchasing to ensure it will fit you boats parcel tray on each side of the inside of your boat. If you do not have pockets inside your boat, the racks can be fixed directly into to any boat or garage, or onto a fence.

 Please note : All Racks come with a Fitting kit and Instructions to help ensure the rack is fitted securely to the Parcel tray of your Particular Boat  . Please take the time to check and install to ensure the rack is fitting securely before travel.

This is a removeable rack system but can be fixed permenately if you wish.


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