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This set is designed for the ever more popular home Pizza Set up with either the bench top Pizza Ovens ,The BBQ pizza Stone set up or the Home oven 

1X Launching Peel 

1x Turning Peel

1 x Wooden Pizza Board

1 x 14inch Pizza Cutter

The Launching Peel

The Loading Paddle is designed to Launch your Pizza into your Benchtop Pizza oven  the BBQ or onto the stone in your Residential Oven 

The specially designed Aluminium head is perfect for Launching Your Pizza into the Oven .

A large area with 310mm x 340mm with a treated aluminium Head and a short oval aluminium Handle to allow for easy launching in all ovens  .

This is light flexible and Diamondyze Anodised coating will keep the surface smooth and serviceable for years to come.

The strong aluminium handles allows for maintenance free use and long term life as it will not split or crack in the UV like wood and wont burn.

Overall length of both Peels are 630mm Approximately

The Turning Peel

The Turning Peel is an exact copy of the new heavy duty GR8NZLIFE turning peel designed and sold for the heavy duty Wood fired Pizza Oven but made out of lighter Aluminium making it lighter and easier work around and store safely in the BBQ Area. Overall length is 630mm from Head to toe.

A 200mm diameter head with a super strong Diamondyze Anodised coating will keep the surface perfect for years to come. Benchtop Peel Handle is 415mm Approx in length of Oval Aluminium making it super light ,super strong and low maintenance. Overall length is 615mmfrom head to toe

The two piece cutting set is made up of the 14 inch commercial Rocker pizza cutter and the GR8NZLIFE Pizza Board - 420mm Dia ,330mm x 340mm Super comfortable handle 120mm x 45mm Bevelled edge ,Rounded Shoulders and super comfy handle.

Sealed with 1 x coat of food grade sealer

The 2 pc Cutting set includes:

1 x 14 inch Commercial Pizza Cutter
1 x Pizza Cutting Board (Laminated Pine Clears) Coated with 1 x coat Wood Oil (Feast Watson)

Kitchen Timber Oil


Kitchen Timber Oil contains clear natural tung oil for nourishing and protecting timber benches, cutting boards, salad bowls and all interior timber. When Kitchen Timber Oil is dry, it gives a natural matt finish that is resistant to water and spills.


  • Do not place any items in the dish washer, hand wash only.
  • Wash the timber parts with a mild detergent and warm water.
  • Do NOT soak the timber components.
  • Dry with a dish cloth and NOT in the sun.
  • Stainless steel parts can be washed with a mild detergent and warm water. Burnt on residue can be removed with a plastic scourer pad or similar item.
  • For all the various boards, wet them with hot water, apply undiluted dish-wash liquid and scrub with a long handled brush. Rinse and cloth dry only.

Our customers say (and we agree) that we have the best quality and most comprehensive range of pizza tools in NZ!

All of our pizza oven tools are available to purchase separately or as sets from 2 pieces up to the complete ultimate11 pc set.

Made locally in Hibiscus Coast, Auckland, New Zealand.

 is designed as the perfect gift for the Pizza Boss in your family..

See our other listings for the Stainless head options designed for Large wood fired ovens. 

Made locally in Hibiscus Coast, Auckland, New Zealand.


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