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Essentials 7 Piece Special order

Set gives you the Wood rack to set your Fire -Both Peels Square and Round and Coals Rake to set the fire and the cooking stone cleaner to remove all the dust before you load in your masterpiece with the Launching Peel and the Commercial cutter to quickly cut and portion out your pizza

The Essentials 7 pc set includes:

  1. 1 x Launching Peel 310x310
  2. 1 x Square Peel 240x240
  3. 1 x Turning Peel 200 dia
  4. 1 x Pizza Cooking Stone Cleaner
  5. 1 x Coals Rake
  6. 1 x 13 Inch Commercial Pizza Cutter
  7. 1 x Woodrack

Add the Pizza Board for an additional $40.00+GST

 Our customers say (and we agree) that we have the best quality and most comprehensive range of pizza tools in NZ!

How to use GR8NZLife Pizza Oven Tools:

1. After your pizza oven is ready heated, push the hot embers to the back of your oven with the coal rake.

2. Dip the cooking stone cleaning pad into cold water, squeeze the excess water till damp and briskly wipe across the cooking stones until clean and free of ash, repeat if necessary. Do not leave in the heat. Rinse the cleaning pad in warm water, squeeze until clean and reuse for the next pizza.

3. Dust the paddle lightly with Flour and create your Pizza directly on the Large Pizza Paddle

4. Use the commercial pizza cutter to share your masterpiece.

All of our pizza oven tools are available to purchase separately or as sets from 2 pieces up to the complete ultimate 7pc set.

Made locally in Hibiscus Coast, Auckland, New Zealand.


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