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Grumpy Old man Jig*** In Stock Now ****

The Juicy Bumble jig, distinguishes itself with its varied and irregular falling action. Unlike other slow jigs, the Sassy Bumble jig is incredibly responsive to uplifts, remaining upright even as it descends, and lending smaller, hesitating movements to the bait to further add to its appeal. It drops quickly, allowing for effective use in fast and complex currents. The Sassy Bumble Jig" Fall's irregular movements elicit instinctive reactions from fish, making it a sure-fire winner in any angler's tackle box.


  • Fast streamlined shape for fast drop in currents or disrupted waters
  • Great Vibrant colours
  • Ideal for deeper fishing or when the current gets up
  • Great on the fall and short flick action
  • Making it irresistible to Snapper, Kahawai, Kingfish and many more

Combined with the pre-rigged double hook set-up  available in 80g 100g 


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