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Rod Lock Fittings (Set of 3) Series 2

$22.50 $81.00

The GR8NZLIFE Rod and Reel rack system was designed universal and multi fit system to bring a secure and unique Rod and Reel storage system to all boats new and old, Aluminium and Fiberglass.....

The main aim was to keep the rods vertical safe and untangled and the Reels out of the dreaded Salt water and other elements . Because all boat manufactureres are different and the parcel tray on each one is a different height the GR8NZLIFE design allows for the rods to pass through down to the reel and this keeps everything inside the boat no matter the model.


It also allows for it to still be used to hold poles and gaffs (as long as the point is covered and Nets .

With this being said we also are aware of the Boaties that want there rods even more secure and want there expensive game reels protected from moving and have the room in there boats to allow this to occure.

Gr8nzlife has developed a new fitting that can replace the existing bottom fitting and provides a deeper locking system that can be retrofitted to all existing or new racks .

They come in a set of three units .

CNC Machined to high tolerances and with a stainless 4mm pin lock in its base. 

These fittings can be installed loose with an O-Ring or permanently fitted with Sikaflex and they come with heavy duty cable tie if needed .

They come in a Pack of three units and can be fitted free of charge

If retrofitting just remove the rxisting fitting with a sharp edged tool and the fitting will drop in and be secured with the supplie  O - Ring fitting and tie to secure in the kit.

The give a total length of 250mm from the Tenob top fitting to the stainless pin.

The overall Height from the bottom of the fitting when installed to the back frame that sits on your parcel is 255mm for the HD Rack and 230mm the STD Rack  


This Model comes in two std Options a 20mm backframe which wil fit a parcel up to 16mm wide and a Wide which is 37 backframe which will fit up to 32mm Parcel

Check the height of the Parcel tray to the floor . You will need 170mm clearance minimum for the STD and 190mm min for the HD To fit the rod lock fittings to either units you will need a clearance of 80mm from the bottom of either unit.


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