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"New Series 3 models In Production Pre Order Now before Xmas"

Introducing our latest addition to the Frewza boat parcel series - the Ultimate 5 Stack FR Rod and Reel Rack, now available in its 8th generation model. This portable and versatile rack is crafted with high-quality materials, ensuring the safety and protection of your valuable rods and reels at all times.

The new model offers two options of durable aluminium or high-quality PVC ROD fittings, holding up to 5 standard-sized rods and reels with 100mm centres securely. The unique design allows for easy clipping in and out of the boat, ensuring that your fishing gear remains tangle-free while travelling to and from the boat ramp.

The 5-stack rack is specially designed to fit over the parcel tray of Frewza boats that have a kick-out, like the Frewza side inside the boat. Measuring approximately 490mm long x 240mm depth with a 35/20mm deep insert, it is easy to move from the boat to the garage or shed with the included mounting bracket and fixings for fixed rack use.

All racks come with a fitting kit and instructions for easy and secure installation onto the parcel tray of your particular boat. Please view the photos thoroughly before making a purchase to ensure a proper fit.

This removable rack system is 100% made in NZ, ensuring top-quality, mill-finish aluminum rods and reels, making it the most versatile and high-quality option available in the NZ market. Protect your valuable fishing gear from damage or loss with our Ultimate 4 Stack HD Rod and Reel Rack, available now. Please note that this is a special build with limited stocks available, so order in confidence with a lead time of two to three weeks (not during the Xmas season).


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