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Wooden rod racks

$40.00 $79.00

Made from untreated Plywood this ceiling mounted rod racks are also made and designed  in the Hibiscus Coast

Giving you an alternative to the upright Rod rack these are giving you the option to mount your rods securely in the ceiling, off the floor.

With a multitude of sizes available, we have an introduction Boat show special.

Can be stained /painted or left natural

This Model comes in two std Options a 20mm backframe which wil fit a parcel up to 16mm wide and a Wide which is 37 backframe which will fit up to 32mm Parcel

Check the height of the Parcel tray to the floor . You will need 170mm clearance minimum for the STD and 190mm min for the HD To fit the rod lock fittings to either units you will need a clearance of 80mm from the bottom of either unit.


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