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Aluminium Fishing Rod & Reel Racks

Why did we start manufacturing Rod Racks?

  To protect your valuable rods and reels. Like you the first thing we did as a boat owner was load-up the rods onto the boat the morning of fishing selecting the weapons of the day. Once chosen with all the other items we would throw them up into the cabin where inventively these would end up in a tangle with Hooks and sliders and jigs all fighting for dominance and doing their best to tangle. It would always be a gamble or lottery to see if the soft bait rigs would make it or end up with a broken tip... there must be a better way especially getting from home to the Ramp then out to the spot from there it all becomes clear as you decide on your attack plan and get into it ...
                       So we thought how can we do it better .!!
  Make a system that will fit multiple boats , One that will Last , one that can be used in the Boat and on the shore .
  So GR8NZLIFE Rod and Reel Racks were born..!!

  Simply clip in and out of the boat to use to keep rods and reels tidy while towing the boat, when you are out on the water fishing, for clean up at home and then storing inside securely! Or you can use the rack as a fixed rack inside the boat, garage or on a fence - fixing provided with purchase. It is the most versatile rod & reel rack around. Now in its 6th generation, there is nothing else like this, or as good as this available in the NZ market. Made of Aluminium, our rod and reel racks are available powder-coated in black or left as plain milled aluminium, or we can custom powder-coat for a small additional cost. The racks come in Standard 10, 7 or 5 stack and Heavy-Duty Racks are also available. 100% NZ made locally on the Hibiscus Coast in Auckland from aluminium, you can rest assured that you are purchasing a quality, long lasting product and feel good that you are supporting a local NZ business!

 At GR8NZLIFE we offer a 100% money Back Guarantee if our NZ Made products do not perform as advertised. We also are happy to put together special orders and sets if you have specific requirements. If you ask, we will do our best to make it happen.
Quick delivery, exceptional customer service and high quality