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Gr8nzlife Fishing

  Elevating Your Fishing Experience

I recently read a really good introduction to Slow-pitch Fishing in the NZ Fishing World Magazine .I recommend you read as he can explain this fishing method really well.

But along side SPJ fishing we love all lure fishing and still like a good bait session too.

GR8NZLIFE Fishing will always try to offer alternatives to what you can find in our awesome fishing stores alternative brands ,products and ideas



In our pursuit of excellence, we scour the global market for GR8NZLIFE Fishing  including 

Fishing Lure Collection and Fishing Rods and Reel Collection

 Identifying and importing products that we believe can elevate your fishing endeavors, we diligently source samples directly from the factory or manufacturer.

These samples undergo rigorous testing in New Zealand conditions. Only those that successfully pass the KIWI fishing test, demonstrating their efficacy in catching fish, earn a place in our curated range.

To kickstart this venture, we have meticulously chosen a high-quality range, with a commitment to continuous expansion. We are dedicated to consistently adding superior products to our collection, always striving to provide the best quality while maintaining affordability in the realm of fishing.

Thank you for choosing to check out our range, let's embark on a journey of exploration and refinement in the world of fishing gear.

Rhys Fell


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