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Rack Levelling Bracket


The GR8NZLIFE Rod and Reel rack system was designed universal and multi fit system to bring a secure and unique Rod and Reel storage system to all boats new and old, Aluminium and Fiberglass.....

The main aim was to keep the rods vertical safe and untangled and the Reels out of the dreaded Salt water and other elements

The rack sits over the Parcel tray lip and these are different on all boats , some have a large face for the rack to sit comfortable against and sit nice and straight like the stabicraft . Other Boats might have a small top parcel tray and a large bottom one so we have designed an addon to bridge the gap.

The Rack level panel will increase the overall length of the rack and ensure even if you have a small parcel lip the rck will sit nice and straight as it bridges the gap.




These are fitted as individual units 

We recoomend two per unit if required 

 Laser cut these can be fitted to all 2022 models as I now pre drill to allow for easy fitting if required . These can be installed before powder coating to add a single colour or added silver with an epoxy coating.


This Model comes in two std Options a 20mm backframe which wil fit a parcel up to 16mm wide and a Wide which is 37 backframe which will fit up to 32mm Parcel

Check the height of the Parcel tray to the floor . You will need 170mm clearance minimum for the STD and 190mm min for the HD To fit the rod lock fittings to either units you will need a clearance of 80mm from the bottom of either unit.


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