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Specially Modified 5 ,7,10 x Rod Rack Heavy Duty HD


          Anything is Possible -Just ASK!!

From time to time we are asked to modify a Rack for special situation that the boat owners wants.

It may be fitting to special spot on the boat or Increasing the size of the bracket to work around fittings in the way .

Each time this is done with the owners dimensions and the vision they bring and while we will try to accommodate the requests where ever we can the responsibility remains with the boat owner .

We can make for Launches,Dingies anything you want . You have the info and the time and I will try to make it . 

We can make it fir it you have low parcel trays and can fit the back frame in a different position.

We can make it to only fit your rods inside with no Backframe or with a stand .

Non standard 5 x rod holder designed to fit the front Anchor well bracket  500mm long 

We can make to order so if you have a need and we can help we will...

All manufactured here in the Hibiscus coast we may just need to source the right materials and will generally require 2 weeks and will quote the price and require pre payment But we will always try to make to your requirements.

As a guide Prices start from $495 +GST depending on modifications required each special order is quoted... and Paid before hand.

This Model comes in two std Options a 20mm backframe which wil fit a parcel up to 16mm wide and a Wide which is 37 backframe which will fit up to 32mm Parcel

Check the height of the Parcel tray to the floor . You will need 170mm clearance minimum for the STD and 190mm min for the HD To fit the rod lock fittings to either units you will need a clearance of 80mm from the bottom of either unit.


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