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Game rod Holders for Trailer Boats

Posted by Rhys Fell on
Game rod Holders for Trailer Boats - Gr8nzlife Gr8nzlife

At the 2022 Hutchwilco Boat show we were constantly asked if we could take the Rod rack system developed for the trailer boats  heavy game rods and develop a Bent Butt solution.

This took a little doing as we always try to keep the footprint down so the units can be used 3 ways in the trailer ,on the water and at home. It was relatively easy to make a rack to just be on the trailer ,however ticking the other two boxes was more of a challenge.

The answer came as we developed the series 3 models . We needed to make the large enough to clear the handles from the parcel /coamings so looking around we found the awesome products from Beerocket and the idea cam on to add to the multi use capabilities by adding a 4th use at the same time as providing high quality so we approached the guys from Beerocket and stated usining there round game rod holders /Drink holders .

The New GR8NZLIFE Game Rack was born from frequent requests to find a solution to the Bent butt rods issue that occurs when you put these large game rods into the traditional coming vertical rack for travelling inside the boat, on the water or on the trailer. 

This can be done with traditional racks but the rods have to face inbound and this then creates a problem that the rods take up a large amount of the boat area.

If you stand the racks vertically the handle of the Reels hit the boat sides.

  • So what if we made the removable rack wide enough with adjustable rod holders so you could angle the rod and reels so the handle wasn't hitting the boat gunnels?
  • What if you could mirror a Game spread in the gunnels and have the rods facing both forward and aft?
  • What if we you could set it up to have the exact angles you needed for your fishing set up whether it be 80w,50w or smaller 0deg,15deg,30deg
  • What if you had a couple of straight butts in there too.
  • How about when not full of rods your rack could fit three drink cans/bottles with a cooler in them?
  • What if you could use this rack on either side of the boat if you could use it at home to clean your rods and gear and then use it in the garage to keep your gear safe when not in use....
  • The new GR8NZLIFE game rack system does all of these things and can even be upgraded to stainless steel rod holders for an extra cost if that's what you want.

At GR8NZLIFE we know every boat set up or fisherperson has different requirements and boats have different size height and thickness coamings so we have tried to make a fully adjustable system.

We can adjust the back frame height to fit multiple floors to coaming height options.

We can change out all of the three bee rockets fittings for straight .15 deg or 30 deg . they will fit facing forward or backwards or both so it can be set up for with side of the boat. The std will come as the photo 2 x 30deg 1 x 15 deg and 2 std straight


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