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Bent Butt Game rod rack solution

Posted by Rhys Fell on
Bent Butt Game rod rack solution - Gr8nzlife Gr8nzlife

Introducing the GR8NZLIFE Game Bent butt Rack - the ultimate solution to the bent butt rods issue experienced with traditional vertical racks during boat travel. Our game rack boasts adjustable rod holders wide enough to angle rods and reels, eliminating the problem of handles hitting boat gunnels. With the ability to mirror a game spread in the gunnels, you can have rods facing both forward and aft, with custom angles for your preferred fishing setup. Our rack system even accommodates straight butts and includes a cooler for three drink cans/bottles when not full of rods.

Game Bent Butt- Rod Rack "New Series 3"

See the review in NZ Fishing News By Grant Dixon Feb 23

The GR8NZLIFE Game Rack is fully adjustable to fit multiple floor-to-coaming height options, making it suitable for a variety of boat setups and fisherpersons. Our system includes friction screw finger locks to keep your rack secure during travel, preventing tangles and breakages. The standard back frame is compatible with many boat models, including Stabicraft, Mclay, Extreme, Senator, Kiwikraft, Bluefin, Scorpion, and Ultimate.

Our powder-coated 5-stack HD Game Ultimate Rack is a portable, multi-use rod and reel rack that clicks in and out of the boat with ease. It's also removable and can be fixed permanently if desired. Our rack comes with an aluminum wall mount bracket and a fitting kit with instructions to ensure a secure fit on your boat's parcel tray.

Whether you're on the water or in the garage, the GR8NZLIFE Game Rack system is the most versatile rod and reel rack around. NZ-made and built to last, our rack can be upgraded with stainless steel rod holders for an additional cost. Don't settle for traditional racks that limit your boat's space and cause bent butt rods - upgrade to the GR8NZLIFE Game Rack today.

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