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"The Juicy Alien"

The Juicy Alien is an Kabura Slider Jig Lure Round Jig Lure Fish Bait 

Same action for both the "Juicy Alien" and the "Juicy Tiger eye"

The Juicy Alien is a Kabura Slider Jig , The Lure is designed for deep-water species. *Using twin Assist- Teaser hooks

*Perfect for targeting both

* Snapper, Yellowtail Kingfish

The Action: Work the Drop and retrieve keep your line straight up and down

As the head comes down on the line It creates the ‘Seduction’, while the slow wind up off the bottom is the ‘Catching motion.

Lifelike baitfish mimicry appeals to larger predators.

 Kabura Slider Jig

  • Quality Teaser Hooks
  • The Hottest and easiest form of Jigging drops fast and can be retrieved slowly or relatively fast .
  • The round head allows this type of Inchiku Kabura
  • Colours: Black  Orange, lumo Pink,
  • Weight: 100g..150gm
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