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 The Juicy Cray Cray

Life like Cray (clawfish) Pre rigged and weighted Perfectly to Mimic baby Cray .

63mm - 8gm Come In Pack of 3 (different colours) Dark and Light

75mm-10gm  Come In Pack of 3 (different colours) Dark and Light

Pre weighted and comes pre rigged with a Sharp and strong VMC Hook




  1. Mimicking Natural Prey: Crayfish-style lures, such as the Juicy Lures Baby Crayfish Lure made from TPE, excel in imitating the natural movements and appearance of baby crayfish. This realism makes them enticing for various saltwater species, attracting predatory fish seeking a familiar prey.

  2. Versatility Across Water Types: These TPE-based crayfish lures by Juicy Lures are versatile, proving effective not only in freshwater environments but also in saltwater habitats. Anglers can use them in diverse settings, from brackish estuaries to coastal areas, targeting species like found in NZ waters

  3. Seasonal Adaptability: Just as in freshwater, crayfish are vital prey in many saltwater ecosystems. Using a Juicy Lures Baby Crayfish Lure allows anglers to capitalize on the seasonal abundance of crayfish, making it an effective choice when these crustaceans are prevalent.

  4. Structure Fishing Excellence: The lifelike movement and design of TPE crayfish lures by Juicy Lures make them ideal for navigating underwater structures common in saltwater environments, such as oyster beds, mangroves, and rock formations. Predatory fish in saltwater often patrol these areas in search of food.

  5. Realistic Attraction: Crafted with attention to detail, these TPE-based lures from Juicy Lures offer a realistic representation of baby crayfish. The lifelike colors, size, and movements enhance their effectiveness in enticing strikes from various saltwater game fish.

  6. Durable TPE Construction: The use of Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) in the construction of Juicy Lures Baby Crayfish Lures ensures durability, vital for withstanding the harsh conditions of saltwater fishing. TPE is known for its resilience, making these lures robust and capable of enduring multiple saltwater fishing expeditions.

Always refer to the specific product details provided by Juicy Lures for information on the Baby Crayfish Lure's features and recommended usage, especially in saltwater environments. Additionally, consult with experienced saltwater anglers for practical insights and tips on maximizing the effectiveness of this particular lure.

Product Info

Juicy Baby Crayfish  is made of thermoplastic elastomer. Please don't store with PVC soft lures otherwise reaction can occur and .

TPE materials can have memory, so make sure to place lures as straight and well stored as possible



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