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The new Lifelike Octy soft lure takes the combination of the Hard jig and Combines with the action of a soft bait.

Pre-rigged with quality hooks this Octopus-lookalike soft jig is stunning in its replication weighted with a  lead head life-like action this jig will tease up the hardest to catch fish.

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  • * Juicy Octy is based on 3D scan of a real Octopus.
  • * Revolutionary TPE environmental friendly and super durable.
  • * Built-in weight system chamber attracting fishing from far distance
  • * Rail for sliding tie-point to easy retrieve from depth (3 sizes)
  • * Super long-lasting UV/Glow effects on body and Tentacles
  • * Construction built to look and move exactly like a live octopus. super lifelike action and micro movement from tentacles
  • * Extra-Heavy jig hook to tackle the largest game fish
  • * Package includes:1 pcs*Fishing Bait
Target Species
  • Great for ocean species like tuna, wahoo, Mahi Mahi , Snapper, and any game fish that swims!
  • Lure type: Soft Lure SPJ 

150mm long Combined with the pre-rigged double hook set-up  available in 60g 

110gm and 150gm Models are available in Orange and Purple Blue/Red  these are 15cm long with larger hooks

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