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 OBSESSION little Bee

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 With its unilateral centre of gravity, tear-drop shape, and sharp lines, the Slow Bee jig was specifically crafted for shallow water slow-pitch jigging. Such features enable it to suspend and flutter slowly, creating a situation where it remains in the strike zone longer than other jigs of similar size and weight. This has made it a highly sought-after product among anglers seeking reef species such as Snapper in shallow water.

 * Weight:  40g 80g 100g

* Length:40g 6cm/  80g 8cm/ 100g 9cm
* Quantity: 1 jig per pack
* Hook: With Double Hooks


  • Ideal for shore & offshore light jigging
  • A teardrop shape that corresponds to the slow system jigging
  • High reflective hologram
  • High brightness luminous zebra
  • The popular Little Bee jig for shore slow jigging, is now adapted for the purpose of offshore super light jigging.
  • Slow Bee is a model tuned to increase the hooking rate of the classic *Slow Bee with a double assist hook.
  • Ready for snapper workups Catch with pleasure!

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