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Introducing the revolutionary GR8NZLIFE Game Rack - the ultimate solution to the common problem of bent butt rods when travelling with large game rods on your boat, trailer, or on the water. Our rack offers a wide, removable system with adjustable rod holders, allowing you to angle your rods and reels to prevent handle collisions with the boat gunnels. You can even set it up to have the exact angles you need for your fishing setup, whether it's 80w, 50w, or smaller 0deg, 15deg, or 30deg. Plus, you can fit a few drink cans or bottles with a cooler in the rack when it's not full of rods.

Two sizes STD and Large 

The std is 850 long with 175mm centres and the large is 900 long with 190mm centres 

"Will fit 3 Bent butts Game Rods together with 2 other rods Depending on Reel size " 

or 5 bent butts 3 parallel and two inbound.

See the review in the NZ fISHING NEWS  by Grant Dixon 

Please note all Game series are made to order, Black ex stock so 2-3weeks from placement of order to allow for manufacture and powder coat if not black

 The GR8NZLIFE Game Rack can be used on either side of your boat and also functions as a safe and secure place to clean your rods and gear at home or keep them stored in your garage. We understand that every boat setup and fisherman has different requirements, which is why our fully adjustable system can fit boats with various coaming heights and thicknesses.

 Our rack features a friction screw finger lock to keep it secured, and the back frame height can be adjusted to fit multiple floors to coaming height options. The three bee rockets fittings can be changed out for straight, 15deg or 30deg, facing forward or backward, or both, making it easy to set up for any side of your boat. The standard setup includes two 30deg, one 15deg, and two standard straight fittings.

 The GR8NZLIFE Game Rack is suitable for a range of boats, including Stabicraft Boats, Mclay Boats, Extreme Boats, Senator Boats, Kiwikraft, Bluefin, Scorpion, and Ultimate

This is a hand made system and we will make this unit up bespoke to fit your boat up to 60mm wide back frame. You give me the photos and measurements and we will make it to suit your requirements.

 Our rack is NZ-made, powder-coated, and can hold up to five rods. It's the most versatile rod and reel rack around and comes with an option for a special aluminium wall mount bracket as an extra to fit the unit to a suitable wall at home. The 5-stack Game is approximately 850mm long x 240mm depth suitable insert that fits over your coomings  You just need to be sure the section is strong enough to hold the unit and your rods ....

 Before purchasing, be sure to view our photos thoroughly to ensure the rack will fit your boat's parcel tray on each side of the inside of your boat. If you do not have pockets inside your boat, the racks can be fixed directly onto any boat or garage, or onto a fence. All racks come with a fitting kit and instructions to ensure the rack is securely fitted to the parcel tray of your particular boat. Please take the time to check and install to ensure the rack is fitting securely before travel. Our removable rack system can also be fixed permanently if you prefer. Upgrade to stainless steel rod holders for an additional cost if that's what you want. Don't settle for less - get your GR8NZLIFE Game Rack today!


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