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Introducing the Game Heavy Duty 5-Stack Series long Rack, the latest addition to our range of portable, multi-use rod and reel racks.

This unit is 695mm long X 240mm high and holds 5 rods and Comes fitted with 5 x  Aluminium fittings and adds an option to the Game series.

"Please note all GHD are made to order and not usually held in stock"

Designed to fit seamlessly in and out of your boat, this rack takes care of all your fishing rods, particularly your soft bait and slowpitch equipment that are getting lighter and lighter. Our GR8NZLIFE Rod Rack features a new multi-fit back frame that ensures a perfect fit on any type or thickness of parcel tray you have, ranging from 3mm to 30mm. The height off the ground is also adjustable, with a minimum requirement of 200mm from the floor.

With each rack holding 5 rods vertically at 150mm centers, our 5-stack rod and reel rack provides ultimate portability and versatility.

The standard back frame is suitable for various boat models, including Stabicraft Boats, Mclay Boats, Extreme Boats, Senator Boats, Kiwikraft, Bluefin, Scorpion, Ultimate, and many others with a parcel tray system less than 32mm wide.

The rack comes with a wall bracket, allowing you to use it as a fixed rack in the garage or on a fence. It is the most versatile rod and reel rack available in the market. Our rack will fit most aluminum boats with a parcel tray fitting of up to 30mm pocket. However, we recommend checking your boat pocket size before purchasing.

The frames are 100% designed and made in New Zealand, with quality padding in the back frame to assist with a snug fit, EPDM and foam backing to prevent scratches and rattles. Additionally, the rack comes with two extra paddings to ensure you can customize the fit to your specific needs.

The 4-stack unit measures approximately 695mm long x 240mm depth, with an std 34mm insert that fits over from 3-30mm max thick side pocket up or Large 44mm deep to cater for padding protection for the fitting larger pockets.

All GHD comes completely Fitted for your boats and made to suit, enabling you to set it up precisely how you want it to sit on your boat. If you need a bigger pocket, let us know, and we can make larger sections to order for a small additional cost.

Please view the photos thoroughly before purchasing to ensure the rack will fit your boat's parcel tray on each side of the inside of your boat. If you do not have pockets inside your boat, the racks can be fixed directly onto any boat, garage, or fence. If you are unsure, don't hesitate to ask for assistance. Our racks come with a fitting kit and instructions to ensure secure fitting before travel, and they are removable but can be fixed permanently if desired. Protect your valuable fishing gear from damage or loss with the Removable Coaming Rod Racks 5-Stack Series Rack.


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