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The 7-stack New Series 3 road and reel rack can come as a direct fix model with no mounting bracket  got home storeage

The direct fix model is for you to permanently mount where you want this unit can be supplied as a direct fix model as well.

Without the rear mounting bracket, this unit can now be mounted directly to anywhere you want to place it. 

In the Head, In the galley , Under the stairs of a launch 

If you have a place you want to put a rod rack 1mtr long Rack and want to mount it directly to a mounting bracket you already have then our fixed model is just for you.

If you want to fit it permanently at home to a wall 

Keep all those rods safe and out of the way away from tangles and breakages.

But please remember if you buy a fixed model it will not then do the 3 in 1 of the removable ultimate rod and reel rack,



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