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Gr8 Jigs Lures and Rods

Introducing Gr8 Jigs Lures & Rods: Elevating Your Slow Pitch Fishing Experience

I recently read a really good introduction to Slow-pitch Fishing in the NZ Fishing World Magazine .I recommend you read as he can explain this fishing method really well.



Dear valued customers, subscribers, and fellow Lure Fishers,

We are excited to announce an exclusive service accompanying our renowned New Zealand designed and manufactured Rod Racks at Ultimate Rod Racks NZ, we strive to provide exceptional offerings to enhance the fishing experience for our esteemed clientele.

In our pursuit of excellence, we scour the global market for GR8 Jigs, Lures, and Rods. Identifying and importing products that we believe can elevate your fishing endeavors, we diligently source samples directly from the factory or manufacturer. These samples undergo rigorous testing in New Zealand conditions. Only those that successfully pass the KIWI fishing test, demonstrating their efficacy in catching fish, earn a place in our curated range.

Your preferences and insights are paramount to us. Should you feel that certain items could benefit from a different hook, we are open to making adjustments accordingly.

While we acknowledge that we may not have all the answers at this moment, we are enthusiastic about our collective journey of learning and growth. Some products you encounter may have existed on other platforms, while others may be introduced to you for the first time here.

Our direct engagement with factories empowers us to make occasional modifications to products, such as adjusting hook preferences or altering skirt size and color. This approach ensures that you wield influence in shaping our product offerings, guaranteeing that you receive gear tailored to your specific needs and preferences. Our overarching goal is to make your time on the water not only enjoyable but also fruitful.

To kickstart this venture, we have meticulously chosen a high-quality range, with a commitment to continuous expansion. We are dedicated to consistently adding superior products to our collection, always striving to provide the best quality while maintaining affordability in the realm of fishing.

Thank you for choosing to check out our range, let's embark on a journey of exploration and refinement in the world of fishing gear.


Rhys Fell


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